The Power of Pure Herbs

how herbs2peel works

how herbs2peel works

herbs2peel is easily the most natural professional skincare treatment for strong regeneration and correction. Worldwide herbs2peel is offered by certified skincare professionals as a reliable solution for various skin conditions and problems. This method has been further developed and perfected for over three generations.

There’s far more to herbs2peel than just your conventional herbal peel treatment. It is the modern, natural and safe alternative to other skincare treatment methods [such as needling and microdermabrasion] and other established peels [chemical peels, fruit acids, etc.] and can be customized to your skin type and condition due to the variety of treatment options. This makes herbs2peel the progressive choice for every skin type, virtually every skin need and every season.

herbs2peel is a successfully proven, natural peeling method for skin regeneration based on a mixture of pure herbs. Its natural composition is completely free from chemical substances, synthetic binders and abrasives, without any toxic side effects. This natural blend contains valuable proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and enzymes. The herbs are then combined with specially developed natural-based products and massaged into the skin. Micro-particles from the herbs will remove the uppermost layers of the skin while active nutrients penetrate deep into the skin.

When touching the treated skin, clients feel a “needling effect” - demonstrating the herbal particles effects in the skin over a longer time period. Skin’s circulation is increased and regeneration is stimulated. A potent method based on the power of pure herbs!

A thorough skin analysis and consultation from your certified skincare professional can determine which herbs2peel treatment is the right one for your skin type and skin condition.




Beauty Peel is a simple and easily performed beauty treatment with instant visible results. It’s the natural alternative to conventional facial treatment methods [needling, micro-dermabrasion, etc.] and provides skin with more radiance and glow - even after the very first treatment.

Beauty Peel has the advantages of the classic herbal peel treatment, without signs of visible peeling and is therefore an ideal fresh-kick before special events [weddings, reunions, dates, etc.] with customized treatments as a strengthening and repair after summer, a detox treatment or as an exclusive pampering treatment.




The Corrective Peel [also known as the herbal peel treatment] is the natural problem solver for a variety of skin problems [impure skin, pimples, scars, severely sun damaged skin / atrophy & elastosis, several forms of hyperpigmentation, cellulite, stretch marks, sagging body contours such as stomach, arms and rear] and results in peeling the upper layers of the skin while simultaneously regenerating it in just 5 days.

The Corrective Peel is a professional treatment carried out in the cabin by a certified skincare specialist after conducting a thorough skin analysis. After the treatment the client is required to use the specifically formulated herbs2peel home care products from Alex Cosmetic within the 5-day period in order to optimally support the skin during the peel process. In general, the skin begins to visibly peel on the 3rd day after treatment.

Every skin reacts individually to the herbal peeling treatment, but on average it takes a total of 5 days to peel completely and to reveal the new skin. This is also the time where the follow-up treatment is conducted, since the skin now is especially receptive.

Testimonials for herbs2peel

  • "Thanks to herbs2peel, my skin is aging naturally and beautifully.- My skin is the healthiest and clearest it's ever been. I've received so many compliments since the treatment, I simply glow."

    Laura S. [39]

Worldwide Success Stories

[individual results can vary - for optimal treatment success, more than one treatment can be required]

ALEX COSMETIC thinks and acts holistically, foremost with cosmetics, but furthermore with complete solutions, innovative skin care concepts and treatments for virtually every skin condition.

Our product formulations are based on the fundamentals of cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, herbs and botany, which have evolved over generations and have been designed to reflect the highest standards of today‘s scientific knowledge.

Thanks to the use of modern technology, research & development and the continuous discovery of new ingredients, along with with the unlimited possibilities the plant world has to offer, we create products which guarantee maximum effectiveness and safety.

Our products can be combined harmoniously making them ideal for the comprehensive care and protection of every skin type. With regular use, skin is cared for and supplied with the essential nutrients it needs to heal, regulate and revitalize itself.

Complete care for healthy, radiant, beautiful skin. For every need. For every skin type. Discover Alex Cosmetic care products: natural, progressive, convincing, highly effective, individual ... and with a realistic promise!

Did we make you curious?

We’re happy to answer the most common questions about herbs2peel!

herbs2peel is exclusively available through select skincare professionals: aestheticians, spas, dermatologists and alternative practitioners.

No, because herbs2peel is a professional method [also known as the herbal peeling treatment], which can correct many skin problems. In order to properly conduct the advantages and assess any contraindications which could be possible, a thorough education as a skincare professional and intensive training in this method is required.

herbs2peel offers many opportunities to provide the skin with strong regeneration and correction. In general, virturally every skin type can be treated and the best success have been seen for decades on the following skin types:

  • Poorly nourished, tired skin
  • Large-pored, seborrhoeic skin
  • Impure skin
  • Skin susceptible to milia and cysts
  • Follicular hyperkeratosis
  • Scars caused by acne, accidents, burns and surgery
  • Signs of premature aging, inclined to wrinkling with sagging contours
  • Sun damaged skin - atrophy and elastosis
  • A prophylactic anti-aging treatment
  • Uneven skin tone and some forms of hyperpigmentation
  • Cellulite and stretch marks
  • Sagging body contours (stomach area, upper arms and thighs)
  • No, herbs2peel can be applied to face as well as body treatments.

    herbs2peel can be conducted starting 16 years and up.

    Yes, after the Corrective Peel [herbal peeling treatment] the client is required to use specifically formulated specialty care as home care within the 5-day period in order to optimally support the skin during the peel process.
    The Beauty Peel on the other hand, does not require home care after, however the respective desired results can be supported and enhanced with treating the skin with professional care at home.

    Depending on the treatment conducted, the Beauty Peel can take between 30 and 75 minutes.

    The Corrective Peel [herbal peeling treatment] is composed of 2 treatments, each about 1 hour in duration. In between the skin peels and the client is required to use the appropriate home care products up to the follow-up treatment. Overall, the client should estimate an entire (peeling) process of about 1 week from start to finish.

    The Beauty Peel can be applied as often as once a week. There is no visible peeling process. Beauty Peels can also be conducted in the summer time. The Corrective Peel [herbal peeling treatment] can be done once a month and is not recommended to be conducted in the summer months.

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